Vulnerability Assessment is a process that scans for and identifies security holes within a network or communications infrastructure. Discovery is followed by prioritisation of vulnerabilities and provision of guidelines for counter measures. Inventa uses best-of-breed vulnerability scanners to perform all assessments. These include a combination of both commercial and freely available tools to get the best possible coverage and outcome.

Our Vulnerability Assessment covers:
  • Network Vulnerability Scanning
  • Web Application Vulnerability Scanning
  • Wireless Vulnerability Scanning

Benefits to your business
  • Assists in compliance with PCI DSS and other regulatory requirements
  • Incorporates business objectives into the security plan
  • Presents a risk assessment that validates internal security expenditure
  • Reduces and mitigates risks of downtime
  • Allows an organisation to map threats to its infrastructure
  • Enables the security team to implement best practices to protect the organisation's critical data, intellectual property, and reputation
  • Allows security management to do more with its budget by investing according to the criticality of each asset