For many businesses, the data center is the heart of software technology—the thing enabling businesses to do more, efficiently expand their capabilities, and maintain the information necessary to run their business properly. A smart data center is needed to support the demands and application deployment models, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, platform-as-a-service, software-as-a-service, and other models on the verge of becoming mainstream. As business needs evolve, companies are demanding more from their data centers..

Our Solutions

Data Migration

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Want to migrate your data without the guesswork, concerns about incompatible schema or unreachable data destinations, worries about future schema or data type changes, or compliance headaches? Inventa makes it simple.

Data Protection

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Ensure availability — no matter where your data resides — with cost-effective data management and protection solutions from the market leader in purpose-built backup appliances.

Disaster Recovery

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When it comes to protecting your data and applications, it's not just about the backup. Being able to rapidly recover your key servers and an application to productions is just as important. Because every minute you're down, you're losing business.

Hyper converged Infrastructure

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Inventa Benefits — Turnkey Infrastructure, Fast Deployment, 100% Software-Driven, World-Class Platform, Superior Performance and Resilience and Unprecedented Flexibility..