• IT Infrastructure

    We support client business by building a robust IT infrastructure
  • We are pioneer in On Premise Infrastructure Support Services and strong promoter for Go Cloud initiative
    Go Cloud
    Trusted by over multiple satisfied users.
  • Network Planning and Applications Group

    Inventa has the expertise and experience to help system owners and operators to define a system-optimized plan

Who We Are

Inventa is a leading Network & Security Service provider partner and Data center (DC)/Disaster Recovery (DR) sites building entity over in house or cloud platforms that caters enterprise IT needs at a large scale by utilizing its best breed of processes, methods, techniques and expertise to deliver the best.


Our Vision

We are the company which is Marching for excellence, to be the preferred and most trusted company for the IT Technologies that touches all corners of the life, people and industry.

Our Mission

Our Solutions focuses on Customer Business needs, ease of operations to deliver premium value to our customers. Our People centric policies engage our employees to Innovate, learn & execute. Our streamlined IT strategies are integral for businesses to thrive in today's fast-paced, digital world.

Our Services

Network Consulting Services

Inventa offers result oriented and practical advisory services in Enterprise Network Implementation Strategy, thus enabling customers...

Network Deployment Services

Inventa Services can help accelerate the building process and reduce the time it takes to get value from your new network design...

Network Transformation

As your organisation continues its digital transformation, your network must transform to support it. Software- demarcated networking...

Digital Workplace

Unified communications (UC) is a technological architecture through which communication tools are integrated so that both businesses...

Monitoring & Analytics

Smearing advanced analytics to the data available with tools to monitor and intelligence that can be extracted from whiles flowing over...

Data Center Consulting

Inventa has proven track record in making consulting around Data Center designing aspects. Inventa provides consultancy around...

Data Center Deployment

Inventa has vast experience in Infra Implementation projects for ultra-huge enterprises. Our experienced team of Data Center Deployment...

Support Service

Inventa offers Strategic Support Services to reduce operating cost of the customers. Our experienced team of offers: Installation Support...

Solution Vertical

Inventa offers following Solutions: Server and Storage, Virtualization, Backup, Server Consolidation and Migration, Storage Migration, Wintel...