With a customer driven, we can deliver a well designed, reliable and secure network that can improve the efficiency of your business. We offer wired and wireless business network solutions, that offer a consistent user experience and address common networking challenges, whilst allowing you to take control of your networks future, all the while allowing you to remain flexible to adopt new technologies, improve your infrastructure, increase performance and lower your costs.

Our Solutions

Data Center Network

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Inventa has a complete portfolio and solid partnerships with the industry leaders in data center networking. Inventa has made large investment in its networking consultants to ensure we have the skills and experience to deliver work class data center solutions with leading edge technologies.

Wireless Network

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Inventa's wireless network services encompass the full lifecycle of networks starting from design, planning & engineering, rollout, operations & maintenance and optimisation services. We provide both Managed Services model and Professional Services model to customers around Wireless Networks. As part of Managed Offering, Inventa has deep capabilities around several leading tools used in engineering RF networks.

Campus Network

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Your campus relies on your indoor and outdoor backbones to transfer data in and out of buildings and connect all who live, work or educate inside. With CommScope, you can be confident that your campus network is available, dependable, and our priority. We will not only implement your complete campus network but support it from inception to infinity.


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While setup multicast in your organization Inventa ensure,

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Controls network traffic and reduces server and CPU loads
  • Optimised Performance: Eliminates traffic redundanc
  • Distributed Applications: Makes multipoint applications possible

ACI & SD-Access

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Cisco ACI is a software defined networking solution that works a little differently than other competitors. Instead of abstracting the intelligence from the network hardware, ACI network hardware is equipped with a new kind of intelligence.

SD-Access provides an administrator with the DNA Center and all of it capabilities. From there, is also provides an Identity Services Engine which allows you to automate access and security policies across wired, wireless, and VPN connections. Finally, SD-Access also includes an analytic platform for network monitoring and metrics.

Hybrid WAN

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Hybrid WAN technologies can improve branch office connectivity resilience and bandwidth whilst also reducing costs, as well as provide new, more agile ways to deploy and manage branch office connectivity requirements using a mix of Internet connectivity types from diverse service providers.


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Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a new cloud-first approach to delivering networks, offering the agility.

  • Flexibility
  • Cost Efficient
  • Performance that are required for today's applications
  • The high availability with the QOS
  • Single dashboard, network visibility
  • Automation with application aware network